Who We Are

Art In Art (Gandhi Printers Group Co.), is a leading supplier of Viable & Luxury Paper Board Print Packaging Products in India was founded by Mr. Narendra Gandhi in 1969. His Leadership & Vision has enabled the organization to achieve a distinguishable standing in the industry.

Established as letter press printing doing stationery job, gradually evolved as a complete Packaging Solution Provider by Continuous Learning and Monitoring Quality & Service Levels. Adapting to state-of-the-art technology and Best Industrial Practices & Standards Innovative & Creative Thinking.

Mr. Jignesh Gandhi – The GenX professionally leads the organization with his Innovative & Creative prophecy. The marketing visualization of Mr. Ashish Gandhi has positioned the organization alongside the stalwarts of the industry. We have netted the trustworthiness of the top MNC’s with our good quality, timely and cost-effective service

We are renowned specialists in the production of premium folding packaging and boxes, high quality promotional and corporate print materials, etc. In addition, we are the market leader in the field of print finishing services and effects. Due to our long lasting experience, modern equipment and attention to the detail, we assure the perfect print product that meets the leading international quality standards.


Working together as a team helps us move forward with the best possible packaging solutions.

The quality and speed of our processes are what make us so competitive.

It is at the highest level of the company so we can constantly look for opportunities to improve our products and services in today’s rapidly changing environment.